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Showroom Display

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Leading-edge Automotive CMS

Hypertransport is a second generation automotive web system. It offers total in-house creation and management control over your web marketing without external cost or delay.

Much more than a simple CMS (content management system) Hypertransport is specifically formulated for the comprehensive needs of automotive retailers.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) capability focused on Google requirements is built into our server code. SEO is a complex expensive process. Hypertransport generates SEO code applicable to your specific market automatically. You can always do more SEO - the needs depend on your market and competitors. Search engine results are dynamic - no company can ever guarantee absolute results - but check their track record!

Challenge any web company. Google search for what I sell (e.g. used Astra) - where are your clients?

 search Vauxhall - Pentagon are our clients, is our system.

Multiple websites
offer different "gateways" to your business. With the correct search engine indexing & URL structure you may capture significantly more business. See examples from some of our fastest growing clients. Hypertransport enables remote management - so a website for every marque and retail location is easily manageable. Hypertransport low cost offers excellent ROI (return on investment). Multiple web gateways to your business are now both affordable and easy to manage.

online advertising for your used cars on our relevant networks is included. We also auto-feed to your contracted advertisers. Just register without obligation for Free used car ads.

 features of Hypertransport include:-

  1. Content management system (CMS) provides total control to delegate responsibility for different areas. You control separate logins for each staff member, photographer, or marketing company. Create, edit or delete pages, ads, pop-ups and links.
  2. Approval management system permits staff to pre-view their work, but requires management approval prior to publishing.
  3. Customer database is built by the system and is available for download by authorised personnel for use with mail-shots etc.
  4. Image libraries (2) enhance professional results. Vehicle image library is preloaded with professionally prepared images. There is a second library for your own company images.
  5. Banner system for special offers etc.
  6. Fast to set-up in as little as 2 business days.
  7. Customisation & comprehensive development service available.

Some of the search technology built into the system was first developed in Find Vauxhall.
Some of the latest technology is being proved in a site call Epony which is a Equestrian Search site.

Google Anything Vauxhall

Pentagon Vauxhall

All over the web Pantagon Vauxhall stands as a prime example of strong auto retail success.

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